Friday, April 7, 2017

I77 Exit 30 project claims Davidson Trees

Have you been wondering about those green bands on all the mature trees at Exit 30 along Griffith Street?

Well, according to an email received here at aShortChronicle they are for trees that will soon be removed as part of the Exit 30 Bridge and Roundabouts being done as part of the I77 HOT Lanes project. 

Back on December 13th, I77 Mobility Partners
I77 Mobility Rep
gave the Davidson Board an update on the project.  To his credit Commissioner Jenest asked about the trees, and I77 Mobility representatives said they might have to remove a few small ones.  Jenest indicated he had experience in these things and was concerned about the larger trees.  (Jenest's firm does work for many Davidson area developers.)

Watch the presentation here at minute 29.

At that meeting Town Manager Jamie Justice indicated the Planning Department was on top of it and working closely with I77 Mobility and NCDOT.

One has to wonder what happened and when the Town knew of this change and why it wasn't communicated to the public.

The new bridge is considerably wider with 5 foot sidewalks and 6 foot bike lanes on each side.  This is something Davidson Town Hall had wanted for years along with more roundabouts.  Cutting down the trees and scarring the entrance to town from the interstate appears to be an unintended, or just unconsiddered, consequence of that desire.

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  1. Not to mention the 20 ft swath of asphalt scarring the beautiful Fisher Farm meadows forever.