Friday, April 28, 2017

"Birkdale" on Lake Davidson...zoning request says maybe...

The Davidson Town Board has been taking a bruising lately both here at aShortChronicle and in local social media regarding its decisions on zoning and development issues.  However, one of the next big things to impact the town could be totally out of its control.

On Thursday, a small number of residents in South Iredell just across the county line and just north of Main Street in Davidson received notice of of a public hearing for the Mooresville Planning Board May 11th meeting.

The letter shown below is for the properties outlined in the following picture.

The three properties in question total just under 140 acres.  Also, to be clear, the letter says the rezoning request is coming from Hinckley Gauvain.  This entity is not the owner of the land.  It is a real estate development outfit.  Here is a link to their website.

aShortChronicle contacted the Mooresville Planning Department to see if we could find out more details.  A return call from Mooresville public information officer, Kim Sellers, did not provide much in the way of additional detail however. Sellers said that this request is just for a rezoning and there is no detail available about any subsequent plans. However, one can be sure that a real estate development company does not go around trying to rezone property it has not purchased unless it has something in mind.  A public records request would likely turn up more information.

Per the Mooresville Planning Ordinance
the requested zoning designations of Neighborhood Mixed Use and Corridor Mixed Use allow the development like the following:

Pictures from Mooresville
Planning Ordinance pdf

140 acres is a huge piece of land.  With this zoning, think "Birkdale" on Lake Davidson.


  1. Their website is as useless as anything I have seen in a very long time.

  2. The reason all that property from Davidson to Langtree has remained undeveloped is there is not sewer or water to that unincorporated area. The large housing subdivision at the end of Bridges Farm Road was annexed by Davidson and then CMUD extended a sewer line into Iredell Co. But Langtree at the Lake did not have utilities either - only after they proposed a very large development plan did Mooresville pony up for the utility extension. So a rezoning to allow enough development for utilities to be extended is what they are after. Every property owner only the utility extensions makes a big pot of money.

  3. If you take a boat ride around Lake Davidson, you'll see the lots all already marked.