Saturday, February 4, 2017

Beaty Street RFP short-list proposals - project could move fast

As reported last week, the town received several proposals a couple of weeks ago on its Beaty Street property.  aShortChronicle obtained a link to the proposals from the town and put together the below chart comparing them as best we could across several categories.

The two proposals highlighted in green have been selected for further interviews.  That's per an email from Asst Town Manager Dawn Blobaum who is managing the project for Town Hall.

The proposals by Blue Heel and  Luminous (aka Davidson Development Partners) clearly met the RFP's goals for mixed use development, so it seems understandable why these were chosen.  See site plans below.

As for the schedule, things could move very fast.  According to Blobaum...

"Our hope is to be ready for a vote at the March 14 board meeting.

We are working on a date and venue for a public meeting prior to the February 28 board work session.  When we get a determination on that we will get information out about it.

The selection committee includes several neighborhood representatives; planning board, livability board, and design review board representatives; two commissioners; and staff."

The two electeds on the selection committee include Commissioner Rodney Graham and Commissioner Stacey Anderson.

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