Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Davidson Spending Plans from the Twitterverse

From Tuesday night's Davidson Town Board work session...

@TownOfDavidson Sept work session underway at #Davidson Town Hall. - 6:13 PM

@TownOfDavidson Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) discussion underway. #Davidson - 6:30 PM

@TownOfDavidson has $461k Brd could spend on projects for #Davidson. - 6:34 PM

@TownOfDavidson $461k potential spend would mean no tax break for #Davidson residents. - 6:37 PM

@TownOfDavidson $125k for land for 2nd #Davidson fire station. Comm Jenest suggests land might be gotten free as a part of some future dev. - 6:42 PM

@TownOfDavidson 2nd fire station has been delayed due to MiC subsidies consuming town's capacity. Odell VFD in Cabarrus services E #Davidson - 6:49 PM

@TownOfDavidson CIP discussion turns 2 #Davidson ongoing equip needs 4 pub works. Question is buy equip to do in house vs outsource. - 7:02 PM

@TownOfDavidson Comm Wessner calls removing non-profit $1k match funds "short sighted". #Davidson looking for $2k for Red Line trail grant. - 7:18 PM

@TownOfDavidson Comm Venzon questions $10k regular fund for greenways vs more sidewalks in #Davidson. All other Comms disagree. - 7:28 PM

@TownOfDavidson staff present $457k in needs to spend $461k available. #Davidson - 7:45 PM

@TownOfDavidson CIP discussion. No mention giving any back to #Davidson taxpayers. No mention that this is money borrowed from Mooresville. - 7:45 PM

@TownOfDavidson CIP mtg, as much discussion around #Davidson $1k non-profit grants as 2nd fire station. - 7:49 PM

More details to come on this in the near future.

And in other news...

@TownOfDavidson presentation on traffic enforcement in #Davidson. Did you know you can borrow a radar gun to monitor your own neighborhood?

@TownOfDavidson gets only $5 for $300 total cost of moving violation. #Davidson not getting rich off them. Parking tickets get most complaints.

@TownOfDavidson NC texting & driving ban in place since `09 ... 1 ticket issued in #Davidson. Texting, open container, DUI & no license!!!

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