Monday, September 10, 2012

Capital Improvement Plan Preview...this one could sting a little.

Tuesday evening, Davidson Commissioners will dig into the proposed Capital Improvement Plan now that Mi-Connection will require less annual subsidy.

Here are some highlights from the docs posted on the agenda (errors corrected):

  • Over $10 million of projects including $2.5 million for the Potts Rd connector ($500k in Town money $2m in Federal dollars) and $2.9 million for a new fire station.

  • About $1.5 million more is on the Town wishlist for smaller items.

  • Most of the proposed spending is front-loaded to be spent by 2015.  That's well before the Town will know if there is any real and lasting improvment with Mi-Connection.

  • Staffing proposals could add hundreds of thousands in recurring expenses to the Town budget.

Taxpayers watch out.  This one could leave a mark.

Correction: The Town is looking at $10 million in new projects, not $8 million.

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  1. Why do these government entities continue to own and manage a business that should/could be owned privately? Is it fair to their competition to have to compete against the Government?