Thursday, June 7, 2012

On deck in Davidson...2013 Budget Approval...then 4-Year Term Referendum

As schools let out and we head into the summer political doldrums, two events are on deck at Town Hall in Davidson. 

Commissioners need to approve the 2013 budget by the end of June.  This should be unexciting since they have decided to kick-the-can down the road regarding decisions on what to do with the Mi-Connection dollars freed up by the new interlocal agreement.  As of now, that money will sit in fund balance - waiting to be spent at a later date - with no indications that taxpayers will get any relief.

The second event officially begins in July with the proposed Charter Amendment to extend Commissioner and Mayoral terms from 2-years to 4-years.  See schedule here.   This maneuver by Town Hall promises fireworks if the Board goes forward with a referendum on the change this November.

Update: No mention of either item on the June agenda.  Guess these will wait a little longer.

Update 2: is now reporting that the budget will be voted on tomorrow.  Sorry if I missed it, but check the above link for the current agenda.  It is the first item under "old business".

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