Monday, May 22, 2017

Buildings, Budget, Beaty, and Bonds...Major items on Davidson agenda Tuesday

In what could be the most impactful agenda in years, Davidson Commissioners will discuss major items at the Tuesday board meeting.

They will receive updates on the following:
  1. Town Budget and Capital Improvement Plan
  2. Beaty Street RFP
  3. Public Facilities Plans
  4. GO Bonds (non Public Facilities)
Commissioners will also discuss a letter to Mooresville expressing concerns over Mooresville's plans to approve zoning for the massive Lake Davidson neighborhood.

All of these topics have been covered extensively here at aShortChronicle.  Seeing them on the same agenda gives the distinct impression this Board is trying to wrap up its overall agenda for Davidson rather quickly.

There is only one more meeting in June prior to filing for the November elections.  Filing starts July 7th.

The Commissioner work session starts at 4pm with the regular meeting at 6pm.

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