Sunday, October 12, 2014

Post 300 and a New Direction

Post 300...

In the nearly three year run for this blog, it has covered a lot of topics.  Good government and transparency top the list of things getting the most enthusiastic attention.  Elections and candidates have made for interesting subjects.  Then there have been the big infrastructure projects like the Red Line and the HOT lanes - projects that are by their very nature political.  I've also picked on some of our local media and their coverage of events.

By covering the minutia of how government works and how the media covers it, hopefully that has shown a little light on things for readers  It is often pretty clear when a post hits a nerve based on comments and emails it receives.  More subtly, every now and then, small positive changes can be seen in how local government works on topics covered here.  Seeing that makes the time spent well worth it.

But let me be really clear about one thing, what I do here is not "journalism".  I don't try to hide where I'm coming from on topics.   Rather than journalism, I would describe it as editorial mixed with bit of satire and a side of educated citizen activism.  It is not just journalists who have the right and responsibility to keep an eye on what our public officials are doing.  That is really the responsibility of all of us .

Some in our local media seem to be confused on that last point.

Some, but not all...

You may have noticed that the recent post on the NMRW meeting with Thom Tillis was in the latest Herald Weekly.  We hope that will be a regular occurrence going forward for the foreseeable future in the form of a weekly column on the subjects we normally cover here.

A big thanks goes out to the folks at the Herald for giving me the opportunity.  This should in no way change the topics we cover, but it may change the timing of when certain posts go up here.  It will be an interesting challenge, and I am definitely looking forward to it.

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