Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Town of Davidson June Board Mtg from the Twitterverse

The Town of Davidson met Tuesday night for its monthy regular meeting.   Here's the play-by-play from aShortChronicle's Twitter feed.

6:10pm - #Davidson June mtg underway...Board recognizes CSD & Hough High girls soccer teams for their 1A & 4A state championships @townofdavidson

6:13pm - #Davidson Mayor Woods completes announcements including multiple small economic development efforts @TownofDavidson...good things.

6:17pm - #Davidson Mayor Woods previews effort by @TownofDavidson & other local mayors to push state on coal ash near Catawba "regardless of cost"

6:21pm - #Davidson West Side residents ask @TownofDavidson to no longer have community chats in local churches - seen as inappropriate

6:28pm - Citizen Survey - @TownofDavidson only below benchmarks regarding public transportation; no surprises #Davidson does very well overall

6:35pm - #Davidson @TownofDavidson Citizen Survey...40% work in town?!?! Staff sees as big positive....OR could be sign of skew in respondents

-- One has to wonder about the 40% number. Seems high. How is it calculated?  If you telecommute one day per week, do you count as working in town?  Also, could be a sign of a skew on the respondents.  Is it possible that people who work locally are more likely to respond to a survey like this?  It was also mentioned that the survey was weighted across age groups.  Younger respondents were weighted more because of lower response rate.  Seems likely that younger workers are more likely to telecommute, so weighting them more could skew this number.  The bigger question is if any skew exists, does it somehow impact the other numbers in the survey?

6:42pm - @TownofDavidson using survey to drive some decisions...recycling and leaf pickup mentioned for #Davidson budget

6:45pm - #Davidson residents speak up again - upset about the results; perceived lack of impact in West Side of @TownofDavidson

6:50pm - #Davidson Board unanimously passes resolution by @TownofDavidson encouraging #NCGA to keep Common Core education standards.

6:53pm - @TownofDavidson passing a resolution on Common Core seems misplaced. #Davidson has no authority one way or other on this.

6:56pm - #Davidson Board unanimously passes @TownofDavidson FY2015 budget.  No tax increase.  No discussion at this meeting.  All done previously.

7:00pm #Davidson Affordable Housing  discussing 25% reduction of payment in lieu to avoid @TownofDavidson mandatory program

-- If this reduction brings in enough money, it would likely be used to do some renovation on Lakeside Appartments.  However, it seems unlikely that will be the case.  Payment in lieu amounts are set when a master plan is approved.  They don't adjust over time based on the current market rates.  Seems unlikely that only a 25% reduction will entice developers to use capital now when they could wait indefinitely to pay.  Unless they are confident they could resell the freed up lots at market rate AND recoup their payment in lieu plus make a tidy profit, there is not much incentive.  (Note: Incorrectly used the acronym PILOT in the tweets which is Payment in Lieu of Taxes for non-profits that don't pay taxes.

7:06pm - #Davidson Aff Housing PILOT reduction...@TownofDavidson Comm Graham commits to not take advantage of program to avoid conflict of interest

-- By committing to this, Commissioner Graham did not have to recuse himself from the vote.

7:10pm - #Davidson Board unanimously approves @TownofDavidson offering reduction of PILOT for very low income affordable housing.

Meeting adjourned about 7:15pm.

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