Monday, May 5, 2014

A Final Thought on Tomorrow's #NCSEN Primary...

Dr Greg Brannon had a campaign event in Uptown Charlotte today outside the NASCAR HoF.

About 200 people were in hand to hear Dr Brannon and special guest Kentucky Sen Rand Paul at a lunchtime rally the day before election day.

As you can imagine there was plenty of conservative red meat in the various speeches.  However, what caught my attention above and beyond the standard campaign rhetoric was how young the crowd was that came out today.

Without a doubt it was the youngest crowd I've ever seen at any Republican candidate campaign event in this area.  That's not to say you won't see any people under 30 at the other candidates' events.  It's also not a knock on the more mainstream Republican events where the crowd is more seasoned.  However, it is a real and tangible statement that the message of the liberty movement epitomized by people like Sen. Paul and Dr.  Brannon resonates strongly with the younger generation.

The word 'fighter' was used frequently by the different speakers.

Regardless of how tomorrow turns out, the Republican party should take heed of the fact that a true fighter is what the next generation of Republican activists wants in its candidates.

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