Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Town of Davidson Plans to Lower Taxes Next Budget Cycle Due to Improved Mi-Connection Financial Situation

In light of the recent volatile negotiations between Viacom and local cable operators like Mi-Connection, town officials have decided to let Viacom channels be removed from the cable system altogether while keeping rates unchanged.  Acknowledging that negotiating with those nasty private sector companies is HARD, town officials did point out an upside to this plan.

This plan will dramatically improve EBITDA for MiC by lowering costs while keeping revenue unchanged.  The net result will reduce the subsidies required from the town going forward to prop up the local cable operation.  This will allow the Town of Davidson to lower taxes with the "windfall of new revenue" from not having to pay as much subsidy.

As the only comment regarding the negative impact to Davidson families for losing channels like Nickelodeon and Nick Jr one official who wished to remain anonymous said  "Can't the kids all watch Disney or something?

In light of all the local April Fools stories about draining LKN, a parking deck on the Town Green, and Commissioner Graham building a 12 story appartment tower, we wanted to get in on the act.  As tense negotiations with content providers become the norm for MiC, hopefully, we don't all wake up one day with this scenario and logic being actual reality.

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