Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Davidson Board Meeting from the Twitterverse....March 2014

Davdison's Town Board met Tuesday night for it's monthly meeting.  Here's what it looked like in 144 character sound bites.

6:09 PM March monthly Board meeting underway in . Affordable Housing and econ development hot topics

6:11pm recognition for Girl Scouts, Arbor Day and Red Cross Month

6:13pm Mayor Woods also recognizes College for installing lighting making village crosswalks safer

6:15pm Gallery Crawl April 11th. Check it out

6:17pm Mayor Woods makes statement about environment...invokes Dan River coal ash spill as support for strong regulation

6:20pm presentation on E2D (Eliminate the Digital Divide) to get computers to all homes w/o one...200 delivered to date.

6:24pm E2D eliminated digital divide at & elementaries JVWasham middle & Hough High

6:27pm ...Lowe's and Mi-Connection received high praise for support of based E2D...machines & connectivity

6:29pm ... E2D program leader Pat Millen makes impassioned pitch for fixing a single home at a only takes $200!  --This presentation is a great reason why Davidson should video all meetings.  It was excellent and more people should be able to see it.  Commissioner Fuller held it up as an example of "the Davidson Way".

6:33pm consultant Kathleen Rose gives update on PiES green business incubator. Town in P3 relatiknship w/ PiES.

6:37pm consultant Kathleen Rose gives update on PiES green business incubator. Town in P3 relatiknship w/ PiES.

6:39pm PiES hosts regular "green drinks" last Thrs of month for networking....

6:41pm town manager Leamon Brice on board of PiES- in 3yr brd to vote later on extending that.

6:42pm previous meeting minutes unanimously approved...on to new business

6:46pm Affordable Housing mgr Cindy Reid announces 2 grants 4 Housing Coalition > $100k for downpayments & new duplex

6:49pm Housing Coalition also requesting more CDBG funds 4 new duplex & undefined larger housing project somewhere n town

6:52pm Child Dev Ctr also asking for CDBG $98k for scholarships for low income families.

6:53pm CoG to decide on CDBG requests on Mar-24. largest recipient last yr.

6:56pm PiES renewal agrmnt up, Comm Graham asks sexual orientation be added 2 list of groups not 2b discriminated against

6:58 unanimously renews PiES agreement with sexual orientation anti-discrimination clause added.

7:02pm Board passes 5-0 a "stop-gap" measure to allow 2% higher resale price for 2014 only for afford housing properties

7:05pm Board micro-manages real estate market 2 make it feasible 4 certain AH program mbrs 2 sell  --A sign of a broken program is when the Town Board has spend time determining if someone else can sell their own property for 2% or 3%  more than the town ordinance allows and they have to do it for only 1 year.

7:09pm discusses legality of Brd member voting while attending by electronic means, UNC-SOG says can't be deciding vote

7:13pm Board descends into a bit of legalese around how to proceed. Town Attny recommends Brd not allow absentee voting. --Mayor Wood disagrees with absentee Commissioners being allowed to vote.  (That's the right decision.)

7:15pm Commissioner Fuller proposes possibility of asking NC Attorney General for official opinion. No action taken...  --Davidson has also been a proponent of trying to get the Legislature to allow public notice by electronic means as well.  For town's like Davidson that would be a good thing since we have no truly local hard-copy daily paper

7:24pm hearing presentation on planning ordinance changes to discourage "rural area" development and keep open space.

7:31pm discusses "open space" definition for . If it is not open to public, is it open?  --Unbuilt space at large lot home sites has sometimes been counted as "open space".  Board seems to be leaning against planning ordinance continuation of allowing that practice.

7:35pm summarizes action items from Board item for these meetings...should improve effectiveness.

7:35pm Board meeting adjourned...

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