Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Davidson Board Meeting from the Twitterverse...Town to get new auto repair facility.

Coverage of Tuesday's Town Board meeting brought to you by Twitter...

6:04pm - April Brd Mtg-packed rm w/ Civics 101 pres & controversial planning items on agenda

6:06pm - Attendess of Civics 101 class "is what makes , Davidson" per Mayor Woods.

6:13 - Mayor Woods responds 2 citizen question a/b planning agenda items, publicly confirms has no interest in projects

6:15 - Concerts on the Green starts Sun 4/21 w/ College Symphony performing

6:15 - Lands Conservancy has several events upcoming...

6:24 - during public comment open...spkrs start in on possible approval of Woodie's Auto Repair in . Going to be lively!

6:28 - petition of 25 signatories opposing auto shop at that location in . Glad to have it somewhere else though!

6:32 - Ada Jenkins Director Georgia Krueger speaks in favor of Woodie's due to possible jobs for West Side residents

6:38 - Planning Brd member Martha Jenkins gives update on CHS mental health facility adjacent to her property.

6:44 - Planning Brd member John Kennedy- against Woodie's. "good for business & we need the revenue" not compelling reason

6:50 - update on CHS build in - not pretty...allegations of trespassing, litter, & other "waste" from construction site.

6:58 - update on volunteerism via Col, Mayor Woods points out unique status of students serving as volunteer firefighters

7:10 - presentations over Brd likely to vote on Woodie's soon...known supporters of proj remained silent during comments

7:12 - now talking a/b 2nd conditional planning change at Exit 30. This one for 124 unit retirement community.

7:14 - ordinance requires 1 parking space per unit, Retirement community would only have 100 including on-street spaces.

7:18 - 12 spaces of public street parking needed to even get to 100 spaces.

7:24 - residents adjacent 2 site already using these on-street spaces will be negatively impacted, request lower density

7:33 - Plan Brd mbr J Kenedy speaks against as-is retirement comm plan due 2 lack of parking, notes staff parking as well

7:36 - ....project architect for developer speaks. 15 NC facilities. only .6 spaces/unit needed due to age of residents.

7:52 - Commissioner & staff comments seem in favor of parking plan for retirement project. planning types still opposed

7:59 - : project architect has done these public mtgs before. has crowd laughing amid somewhat tense topic.

8:03 - : Committee on Aging asked by Comm Wessner 2 submit comments. DCOA still needs 2 research. Brd vote in 1 month

8:05 - : surprising number of residents hanging on at Brd mtg...waiting for Woodie's Auto vote???

8:15 - : Woodie's Auto discussion and pending vote now up on agenda at Brd meeting.

8:18 - : Commissioners asking questions allowing Woodie's owner to adress concerns. Seems to be leading to positive vote

8:21 - : Comm Fuller asks technical question of town attny Kline a/b "legislative authority" of Board in this question.

8:25 - : Comm Fuller notes Plan Brd/Plan Staff & neighbors oppose. Comm Jenest says could be "beautiful thing" like Rushco

8:29 - : Woodie's site could have 12-15 jobs at $75k/yr average pay. Comparable is Woodie's Carmel Rd store

8:35 - : Brd makes high use of word "compelling"...Comm Graham "not quite there"...

8:40 - : Comm Wessner comments on "precident" not guaranteeing future action; Comm Fuller says exceptions weaken ordinance

8:43 - Board seems to be split 3/2, possibly 4/1. Setting stage for unusual split vote on controversial topic.

8:49 - : Mayor Woods seems to be a supporter of plan. Does not have a vote though unless a tie. Tie won't happen tonight.

8:56 - : Attny Kline points out all commercial requires 2-stories. other sites would require similar exception.

9:12 - Comm Jenest motions to approve exception. Passes 3-2...Fuller & Graham nays...

9:43 - to get needed auto repair facility w/ zoning exception. Debate shows focus on planning alive and well! Signing off

Correction: Original references to CMS mental health facility should have been CHS.

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