Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Davidson Community Chat: HOT Lanes is HOT Topic

Tonight's Davidson Community Chat with Town Commissioners brought to you from Twitter.  Additional commentary added in italics post meeting.

6:04 PM - @TownofDavidson Community Chat underway at Summers Walk in #davidson; about 25 present including Board and staff #nicethingaboutsmalltowns

@TownofDavidson Mayor Woods opens discussion with HOT lanes and Red Line comments before any citizen asks a question... #Davidson
    //Knowing this was going to be a hot topic (pun intended) Mayor Woods attempts to seize the initiative for the evening and get in his spiel while saying the discussion should really only be had with all parties present including NCDOT.

@TownofDavidson resident Vince Winegardner w/ wideni77.org comments & the discussion begins Comm Jenest launches defense of tolls #davidson
   //Not willing to let the discussion be that stage managed, Vince Winegardner makes several points from the WidenI77.org list of issues with the project.
  //Commissioner Jenest makes several comments that indicate he is a supporter of the HOT concept and makes references implying this is the new reality for how infrastructure projects will get built.

@TownofDavidson Comm Venzon posits that not doing this will cause economic hardship and cause business to bypass region & #davidson
   //In an attempt to justify the toll road, Commissioner Venzon takes the "50,000 foot view" saying repeatedly that this is much bigger than just Lake Norman - this is a regional issue.  She tries to tie in that the port of Charleston is about to become a major port of entry for cargo, so we need better connectivity or they will just go around us - costing jobs and development.  Attendee points out that if this is a region impacting project, why are just Lake Norman rush hour commuters paying the cost through their tolls.

@TownofDavidson things getting a bit tense discussing HOT lanes...nice to see citizens asking questions in #Davidson
   //One attendee asks for cost estimates for the HOT project versus just widening I77 further up.  Mayor Woods does not want to get into those details.  Mr Winegardner offers numbers.  Multiple commissioners ask the citizen asking the question to just attend the February 13th meeting the LNTC has planned.  He agrees, but it also glad to have gotten the numbers from Mr Winegardner.

@TownofDavidson commissioners anxious to move on from HOT lanes...next question, why no welcome sign entering #davidson from E Rocky River

@TownofDavidson comm chat...onto flashing lights @ roundabouts in #davidson to improve pedestrian safety Comm Wessner passionate a/b subject

@TownofDavidson more on pedestrian safety, Comm Fuller reminds people pedestrians have accountability 4 own safety too...be smart #davidson

@TownofDavidson, question a/b status of Carolinas Health System behavioural health facility; Q1 closing, ground break soon after #davidson

@TownofDavidson Spinnaker Reach #davidson resident makes comment, DRB needs to do better with approving bldgs like "enormous" MSC at exit 30

7:14 PM - @TownofDavidson Communit Chat mtg adjourned #davidson

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