Sunday, May 27, 2012

Davidson Commissioner Chat at Hopewell Baptist This Tuesday

Tuesday night promises to be an interesting Commissioner Chat at Hopewell Baptist Church on Davidson Concord Rd.  The event starts at 6pm.  See notice at

This will be the public's first opportunity to ask questions since last week's budget impacting Mi-Connection decision that re-writes the interlocal agreement and gives Davidson some breathing room on its financial stability.  One thing that has not been fully discussed is the interest rate (if any) paid by Davidson on the funds loaned to the town over and above the $1 million annual cap the town will pay to cover the subsidy on our 30% ownership.  Notable in its absence was any prediction of when annual Mi-Connection subsidies for Davidson might be reduced below that $1 million cap - allowing the Town to begin paying off these accumulating loans from Mooresville.  Until that point, the town may be colleralizing any interest payments not made until the loans begin to be paid off.  Depending on the terms, that could extend the timeline before Davidson is truly out from under the Mi-Connection issue.

There will also likely be some interesting discussion around the proposed CHS mental health facility  just down the road from Hopewell Baptist.  While many in Davidson may see this facility as a good thing for the community, those most directly impacted by its location have been raising some questions.  Some of those questions are fundamental - such as does the current zoning actually even allow this to go forward as a "by right" development.

These type of chats are one of the unique opportunities afforded citizens in small town politics.  Hopefully, it will be a packed house.

UPDATE: Commissioner Venzon was able to confirm at the Chat that no intereste will be charged on the funds loaned to Davidson from Mooresville to fully cover our debt.  Good news for Davidson, but it begs the question how long can this go on?  If the company does not become self-sustaining, it's hard to see Mooresville being satisfied with this agreement forever.

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