Friday, March 9, 2012

Win One for Tradition

Nobody likes a good protest more than yours truly.  In fact this entire blog is effectively a protest against government overreach and silliness.  Davidson witnessed it's very own public protest today, but unlike many protests this one had a sweet ending - and it wasn't just due to the free Ben and Jerry's ice cream.

The scheduled "Occupy the Green" protest against CMS's unilateral decision to stop school kids from walking to the Town Green on Fridays went off without a hitch.  Dozens of kids and parents showed up to show their displeasure with the policy change, support a long-standing Davidson tradition, and enjoy some free ice-cream.  Television media was even on hand to cover the event.
Just prior to the event, reported that the school system seems to have suddenly realized that they didn't have the authority to actually enforce the policy change.  Good news for all who enjoy our small town lifestyle.

The kids involved in today's event learned a few things about civic activism, and I'm guessing they'll remember this for a long time.

Now, let's hope they also behave themselves in the many Friday's to come and don't give anyone an excuse to complain.

UPDATE: See video coverage of the event here from WCNC.

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